Tohoku Earthquake

    Contributing to Response, Relief, Rehabilitation and Research in the aftermath of Tohoku District -off Pacific Ocean Earthquake

    During the past few days after the massive earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear reactor disasters, we have received a number of mails offering condolence, support and requests for having an opportunity to support relief/recovery efforts as well as to be involved in follow up research.
    Many have had close ties to Japan, either having studied, worked or benefited from the generous Japanese overseas development support in the past. At UNU-ISP we are trying to find effective ways to channel this good will into productive outcomes. If you are willing to contribute, please let us know your specialty and also how you could contribute. If you already started some activity, let us know about it. This is a special 'Wiki' set up for the purpose and you can directly input information.

    You may alternatively find it easier to input your comments in the blog. Simply click on the blog menu tag in this page and once in the blog click on + sign to add your comment.

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    Please see the attached doc file for my initial input. Perera, USQ.

    Download file "Tohoku_UNU_perera_USQ_01.doc"


    Iwanuma (one of the hardest hit coastal areas) satellite images.

    Complied using images posted by NASA.