Yeungnam University, KOREA


Yeungnam University located in Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongbuk, Republic of Korea, is a major educational hub in South Korea which has more than 25,000 students enrolled. Yeungnam University sets its goals in seeking for the truth in knowledge, fostering creative leaders and promoting humankind as well as a local society in the end. Also, it has strived to bring up academically competent people, creative experts, practical leaders, and open cosmopolitans serving from a local society, and a country to the world Soon, Yeungnam Graduate School will lead the internationalization of industry and culture, by producing many men of distinguished talent.

Research Focus

Hydrology, Water resources management, Climate change and adaptation, Flood disaster and risk management, Ecohydrology, River restoration and IWRM application

Ongoing Research Projects

HELP Project in Kumho River Basin

The Kumho river basin, Republic of Korea, was selected as a UNESCO IHP HELP basin due to the problematic issues of the basin such as significant increase in water demand, water pollution by rapid industrialization and population growth in the last few decades. Water shortage and interbasin water diversion led to serious conflicts among stakeholders. National river basin development plan has primarily conducted the flood control management. Seasonal flow variation of river regime led to construction of a number of dams for stable water supply and reduction of natural disasters. These efforts, however, became beyond its capacity under the extreme weather in these days. This project is expected to provide solutions for all above problems in the basin. It is also expected that the project will contribute to promoting IHP-VII’s all Themes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Development of Intelligent Flash Flood Forecasting and Warning System :

In recent, heavy and intensive rainfalls in a limited area have been occurred frequently due to the climate change and caused great damages in Republic of Korea. The purpose of this study is to develop a flash flood forecasting and adaptation system based upon artificial intelligent models as well as effective models already in use in flash-flood prone areas. It is expected to contribute towards reducing flash floods vulnerability by developing and implementing this system to strengthen regional capacity to develop timely and accurate flash flood warnings

Improvement of Response Ability for Non-structural Measures and Combination of the Flood Defense Measures :

Increasing abnormal climate phenomenon in contrast to the shortage of flood defense ability of the existing flood control structures causes great damage to the basins. Therefore, not only structural but also non-structural measures are needed as integrated flood defense measures. The purpose of this study is the reduction of the flood damage which results in the tremendous losses of human life and property through the preparation and effective application of non-structural flood measures against climate anomalies and the change of flood type.

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