Rice Terrace

Yunnan Rice Terrace
Photo: Hani Rice Terrace

This is a joint project of the UN University Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP), the National Plateau Wetlands Research Center (NPWPC), Yunnan Normal University, and University of the Philippines Diliman established in 2011. It is supported by Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research

Hani rice terraces in China and Ifugao rice terraces in the Philippines are world-renowned sustainable rice terraces that have served local communities for thousands of years. However, climate change is affecting the sustainability of those ecological management systems as climate change brings in new dimension of continuous changes to local water cycle that would be beyond the regulating capacity of current systems. This research will address dual challenges of both excessive runoff and water scarcity due to climate change by providing eco-system based adaptation measures to strengthen resilience of the study sties that can be extended to traditional rice terrace farming systems to cope with climate change.