United Nations University, Tokyo Japan

The 2015 summer courses will be delivered simultaneously in multiple UN-CECAR partner institutes such as Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Vietnam synchronized through the video conferencing tools.


Srikantha Herath
Senior Academic Programme Officer; Head of Global Change and Sustainability Section, UNU Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability

Dr. Herath engages in research and education in water security, climate change and natural disaster risk reduction. His postgraduate teaching and research currently focuses on global change impacts on environmental processes, especially related to atmospheric process with applications in urban hydrology, flood forecasting, damage estimation, sediment transport and water cycle change assessment using physically based distributed hydrological modelling aided by Remote Sensing and GIS. He has more than 150 publications to his credit. Recent publications include, contributions to book chapters “Challenges for delta areas in copying with urban floods (2008, in Urban Water Francis and Taylor), Climate Change: Key Uncertainties and Robust Findings, and Urban Flood Risk Assessment (2010, in Urban Flood management, Francis and Taylor) and editing the series on Climate Change Adaptation (vol. 1-4, University Network on Climate and Ecosystems Change Adaptation Research, 2009-2010). In addition to various other current professional positions, he holds a position as Visiting Professor, Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science (IR3S), The University of Tokyo.

Binaya Mishra
Researcher at the United Nations University

Dr. Binaya Kumar Mishra is a Nepalese citizen. He received his Ph.D. from Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, Japan where his research focused on Flood Hydrology. He has a strong background in hydrology and is familiar with flood management issues. Dr. Mishra worked in the field of water resources management in various capacities as a consultant, lecturer, irrigation engineer and researcher. After completing Bachelor in Civil Engineering from the Institution of Engineers (India), he started his career as a consultant. He received his Masters of Science in Water Resources Engineering from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Dr. Mishra has taught undergraduate students on hydrology and irrigation engineering subjects for more than five years. While working for the Department of Irrigation (DOI), Government of Nepal, he had the opportunity to work closely with various government agencies and local beneficiaries including planning, discussions, field visits, implementation and reporting of different schemes. Dr. Mishra joined the Global Center of Excellence Program of Kyoto University as a research associate after his doctoral study. Dr. Mishra has participated in various national and international conferences on water resources management and presented technical papers. His research on flood disaster management has been published in various national and international journals and proceedings. His expertise includes hydrological modeling, computer programming and GIS. During his stay at UNU-IAS, Dr. Mishra will work on hydrological modeling for assessing the impact of climate change on extreme floods.

Resource Persons

Hideyuki Mohri
Researcher, Programme Associate at UNU-IAS

Wilma James
Course Coordinator, Administrative and Logistics

Mishra Binaya
Associate Professor, UNU-IAS

Ram Avtar
Research Associate, UNU-IAS

Accommodation and Cost

For tuition fees please see BRCC Admission. Participants from abroad or out of town can get accommodation (Hotel) for approximate ¥250,000 JPY per course. In addition daily living expense will cost minimum ¥3,000 JPY per day.